Jon is currently the Director of Vocal Arranging at The Vocal Company and has been arranging for the past decade. He is a CARA nominated arranger and writes for high school, collegiate and professional groups from all over. His work can be found on several compilation albums including Best of College A cappella (BOCA) BOCA 2015, BOCA 2016, Voices Only 2014, Voices Only 2015, Voices Only 2016 and Voices Only Forte IV. Jon has a diverse musical background in jazz, opera, gospel, choral music, musical theater and pop. He enjoys fusing these genres together and incorporating elements of them into his arrangements. He values story-telling through music and his work reflects that. If you’re looking for intricate arrangements that push boundaries, bring out the best in your singers, tell a story and capture the essence of a song in a new way, Jon is your man!


  1. Arranging Reel 2016 2:44
  2. I Lived 3:57
  3. Ghost 4:03
  4. Break Free 3:41
  5. Dark Side 3:53
  6. My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) 3:04
  7. Feeling Good 5:09
  8. City 3:59
  9. Chasing the Sun 4:55
  10. Find You (feat. MIX) 3:26
  11. Good Girl 3:11
  12. Stay With Me 3:05
  13. Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) 3:26
  14. Give Your Heart a Break 3:43
  15. Lights 3:31
  16. Streetcorner Symphony 4:15



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