Jon started his production work as the Production Intern at The Vocal Company where he learned elements of production from some of the best a cappella producers in the business (Dave Longo, Angela Ugolini, Ted Trembinski, Nick Lyons, et al.). He is now a part-time recording engineer for TVC. In his first year, 5 songs he recorded received placements on compilation albums. Jon’s directing and performance experience makes him a perfect coach in the studio. He works to get the best out of his singers and make sure the emotion and energy of the song is captured from the very first stages of the recording process.



  1. Producer Reel 2016 2:53
  2. Ghost 4:03
  3. I Lived 3:57
  4. Love Me Like You Do 3:10
  5. Problem 2:17
  6. Stay With Me 3:19
  7. Take Me To Church 4:27
  8. Hearbreak Dream 2:25
  9. Walking On Air 3:13
  10. Break Free 3:41

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